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Increase in the adoption rate of Generative AI


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Mendo supports you throughout the process, in a scalable way



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Reveal to your teams the power of generative AI through a practical and enlightening immersion, guiding them to discover its transformative potential.


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Cultivate expertise in generative AI within your teams with tailor-made support, arming them with best practices and key insights to master essential business applications.

Adoption & change

Inspire transformation

Encourage revolutionary adoption within your teams through innovative behavioral strategies and cognitive anchoring techniques, orchestrating profound and lasting change.

Sharing & iterating

Build a community
of innovators

Create a collaborative ecosystem where best practices and successes are shared, enriching each department with valuable knowledge and accelerating innovation across the business.

In a world where technology is evolving at breakneck speed, the ability to adapt and integrate new tools has become essential. At Groupe Rocher, we are convinced that the art of prompting, or the ability to communicate with advanced artificial intelligences, is a key skill for the future of our teams. With this in mind, we chose Mendo.ai as a strategic partner.

Stanislas Duthier
Group CIO, Groupe Rocher

With Mendo, we can be sure that our employees are progressing regularly and at their own pace. In addition, our contacts are friendly, responsive and attentive!

Jehanne Garrait
Associate, Batt & Associates

To promote the adoption of generative AI, the training of our employees is essential. Mendo's integrated and fun solution is the best solution we found today! Thanks to Mendo, the adoption of IAG has soared in our teams. In addition, the support from the Mendo team is top notch.

Agathe Destang
Chief Digital Officer, NGE

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